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Della’s Workshop

Bespoke and personalised glass engraving and mirror engraving
Adding a unique touch to every occasion!

Hooray! We are so glad you are here - We pour our heart and soul into our hand engraved glassware and mirrors, and strive to offer you the best selection of unique gifts with our bespoke engraving services. You won't find any nasty chemicals or monstrous machinery in our workshop; All of our pieces, from quirky wine glasses to mirrors with messages, are engraved using a handheld drill. Looking to get personal with your gifts? You’re in the right place!

We create custom wedding centrepieces and glassware, art glass, personalised homewares, unique drinking glasses, engraved mirrors and more - Each piece different and always with a keen eye on design. We aren’t into the old school engraving you see in your Granny’s trophy cabinet.

Alongside our bespoke products, we have an ever-changing range of Della’s Own designs, available to purchase direct from our online shop. For those who like to be a little more ‘explicit’ with your words, we have also introduced a new line called ‘Della’s Pretty Vulgar’ - Not for the faint hearted!

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping now!


Working as close to what our clients envision is important to us, so if you have something in particular you would like to see on your piece, we do everything we can to ensure you get it! Get in touch to explore your options.

Who Is 'Della'?

Della - AKA Adele Flint - is the founder of the business. Whilst scouring the internet looking for personalised wedding glassware for her own wedding in 2012, she had a eureka moment and scratched her name into a little glass jam jar with a tool she was given by her father. Since that day she has perfected her skills as a glass engraver and formed her own style that has become what Della’s Workshop is known for. To date we have taken orders for custom wedding centrepieces, mirrors with self-motivation quotes, engraved narrowboat windows and everything in between from across the UK whilst maintaining affordable prices and a complete design service for all of our customers!

Where Are We?

Don’t trust your postie with a box full of glass? Don’t panic! You can collect from our HQ. We are based in Middle England but are, unfortunately, taller and less hairy than Hobbits. Want to organise a meeting at our place? Message us!

Talk To Us

We love talking to our clients, customers, posse, whatever you want to call yourself. We also love a good giveaway, so be sure to pop over to our Facebook page and say ‘Hello’! You can also register to receive our fabulous newsletter, which always contains a great offer to say thank you for your loyalty. Go ahead - you know you want to! Last, but not least, don’t forget to pop over to our ‘News’ page. It’s full of loads of great information, gift advice, corporate ideas and more to help you make the right choice with your personalised gift selection.

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