Open for business!

Well, we did it!

We had our launch on the 29th September, and it was a real success. Thank you to all of you who came and made it really special to us!  We had a range of cakes and champagne on offer, along with all of our great goodies, and the sun was shining bright for us (not something that happens every day in good ol’ Blighty!).

Della's Workshop is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Della’s Workshop is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Although the shop is still a little ‘rough around the edges’ and not quite looking how we are aiming for it to look, it seemed that the quality of our items made it hard to tell that we hadn’t finished our layout yet, which is amazing news. Every etched glass item is designed and etched by hand, and our furniture is lovingly restored by hand, or left as they are for you to choose whatever finish you like.

Della and our best selling mirror.

Della and our best selling mirror.

We are open this weekend on Saturday from 10:00am till 4:00pm and Sunday from 11:00am till 2:00pm.

We will be open in the week on Wednesday and Thursday from 11:00am till 4:00pm and Friday 11:00 till 2:00pm. On that weekend, we have a very busy schedule. Della has her best friend’s hen do to attend and Mr F is away on the stag do, so will not be able to open up shop – but we always take orders through our website and Facebook page!

After all that commotion, Della and co. also have a break away for a special anniversary for a week. Another News post will be going up about the opening times over the coming weeks, so if that has confused you – don’t worry. You can also keep up to date with all of our updates, times and offers on our Facebook page, so if you haven’t already, pop on over and give us a ‘Like’.

Thank you again to all who made it so special for us on our launch!

The Team @ Della’s Workshop

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