Here’s to 2014 – A year for change, positivity, and amazing new designs!


We trust you had a fabulous Christmas and a fun filled New Year!

We have made some big decisions over the festive period so that we can make the most of our little business, and I’m sure you will understand why once we have explained. *It’s not all doom and gloom!*

The shop we opened at Cawarden Springs Farm is now closed. Whilst it was a beautiful setting, and gave us the chance to showcase our pieces, the footfall wasn’t as expected. Which meant that although our income from our online sales were great, we were spending them on keeping it open, leaving nothing left to keep going with new pieces, projects and marketing. The support we received at the opening was phenomenal, and we couldn’t have asked for more perfect people around us. So for that – we are eternally grateful!

Moving forward, we have seen a massive increase in engagement and positivity with regards to our online sales plan.   As you may have seen on our Facebook/Twitter/Google+ pages, we have been working really hard to get the website (more importantly, our online shop) up and running. With a lot of help from our amazing computer whiz kid, we seem to have it all working so far – so you can now shop to your hearts content! Our ‘New Year Sale’ will be the first thing we are promoting in the online shop, so keep your eyes peeled for great offers on our stock!

On a different note – we have been running a design competition for January 2014. We are all for promoting new talent in the UK, and the idea is to inspire people to embrace their creativity, and kick start their own passion for creating things. Sometimes, people just need a little bit of a push! So, if you know anyone with a bit of creative flair, then please let them know about it! For more details on the competition, please pop on over to our Facebook page –

Right now, a hot coffee is calling and a very busy evening is ahead of us, preparing, selecting and showcasing our sale stock – so that is it for this month’s News! Keep checking back and stay in touch for great deals, unique pieces and up to date information on the in’s and out’s of Della’s Workshop!
We will leave you with a photo of Della and Mr F bringing in the New Year as none other than The Owl and The Pussy-cat… Sporting some rather snazzy onesies!

The Owl and The Pussy-cat - Della and Mr F at Nursery Rhyme New Year's Eve Party

The Owl and The Pussy-cat – Della and Mr F at Nursery Rhyme New Year’s Eve Party!

Much Love  -

The Team x



For those of you who love a good bargain, we will be sending out monthly deals on our stock. If you want to be put on our mailing list, please sign up to the site by using the ‘register/log in’ button. This is a nice new feature we would like to run to show our thanks to those who supported us so kindly in our first year!




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