Christmas Countdown… Only 90 days!

'Eat, Drink and Get Merry' Xmas BottleTop from Della's Workshop

‘Eat, Drink and Get Merry’ Xmas BottleTop from Della’s Workshop

You heard us – Christmas is coming. The ‘other’ dreaded ‘C’ word. The time of year when everyone on the high street goes crazy, trying to find the perfect gift, only to end up with the same thing. Socks for Dad, slippers for Granny, and a generic set of toiletries for Aunt Mary. That will do – wont it?

Sound familiar to you?

It’s time for a change. This year, you will be the Son who really listened, the Granddaughter who knows just how to make people smile, and the Niece who gives the best personalised presents ever!

This year, we are going all out. Step into our Virtual Winter Wonderland of personalised, hand crafted Christmas glass ware! Whether you are looking for a classy etched centre piece to spruce up your turkey dinner, personalised wine glasses with everyone’s name on, a hand engraved mirror to show your loved ones just how beautiful they are or a personalised glass plate for Santa and Rudolph’s snack break, we are on hand to ensure your ordering process is everything you want it to be! Easy peasy, lemon squeazy. Be quick though, as we get REALLY busy at this time of the year and want to make sure you get your order before the big day, so you have enough time to send it off to the North Pole.

See? Getting the perfect hand made gifts and personalised glass goods for amazing prices isn’t impossible. It also saves you (and your feet!) from all that scary chaotic Christmas shopping on the high-street!

We look forward to showing you our new upcycled glass designs, and hope that YOU will be receiving something spectacular from Della’s Workshop this year too!




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