Starting up, and re-capturing the magic of a good adventure!

Welcome to our new, and rather snazzy, website. I couldn’t be happier with the work our designers and developers have done, and I hope you really enjoy taking a look around.

This year has been amazing, and has really taken me by surprise. I have grown and found out a lot about what I do and how I can expand (eating lots of cake isn’t working in the way I want it to!), and realised the importance of ‘keeping your chin up’. I have also taken the time to take a look at where we started – and we can happily say that I have come so far from the very first jars I took my tools to!

As I said, we have had a fabulous year…

…we have appeared on some fantastic blogs…

…got a rather exciting opportunity to showcase our glassware on the hit TV show, E4′s Made In Chelsea…

…and have been able to launch ourselves to a whole new level by opening our shop in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside.  I have also been lucky enough to spend some real quality time with my Husband, my Step Daughter, my family and friends, that I hadn’t had any proper chance to do whilst working a full time office job. My Husband and myself bought a boat, went on holiday, sold the house we live in, and much much more! Starting up my own business and making it work has reminded me that I love a good adventure, and I would recommend it to anyone out there who is thinking of doing the same.

Sharing your passion helps. I have branched out to a few local craft-o-holics in the Staffordshire area who I want to appear alongside our items in the shop, not only to bring more feet through the door, but also to offer a bit of starting block to get their name into peoples homes. You can see their beautiful items here:

Razed Art


Sew Vintage

Doing good is great, but doing it with others is a lot more fun. Gifts go round in circles, and I believe I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the kindness of the people I have met on my journey through business.

Our launch is this Sunday, 29Th September 11:00am till 3:00pm at Cawarden Springs Farm, Blithbury Road, Rugeley – I hope to see you there!


Signing off, for now!


AKA Della

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